Useful Links

We realize the frequent issues encountered with children. With growing use of technology we often resort to the internet for help. But not all sites give you information that you can trust. Here are a few trusted websites that we encourage you to use.

American Academy of Pediatrics:
Food and Nutrition:
Preventing Injuries:
Parent & Teen education:
Safety Belt Safe U.S.A.:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Association of Poison Control Centers:





Important Phone Numbers

Life Threatening Emergency:
Call  911 
Poison Control: 800-222-1222
Tel: (919) 300 - 7726
Fax: (919) 300 - 7688
After Hours:
Please call (919) 300 - 7726 and leave a detail message with primary reason, your name & phone number; our 'on-call' Physician will return your call ASAP


Please note our new hours of operation: We will be open between 9am - 1pm on Fridays to accommodate busy parents and sick patients. We will be closed on Saturday and Sunday 
For Established Patients: Patient Portal feature is implemented and ready to use. You can access it to view your recent and past office visits, medications and more... Click 'Patient Portal' to access it..